Can I co-sleep with my baby, or not? #Topic2 #KCMomtalk

  1. Breastfeeding: bed-sharing promotes breastfeeding;
  2. Mood/depression: some countries have positive reactions to bed-sharing, and others don’t, where it lowers post-partum depression.
  3. The conclusion is according to this research/review is that there isn’t enough conclusive evidence on this topic to child development, better sleeping patterns, etc.
  1. SIDS is the hot discussion regarding bed-sharing, most of the research done on bed-sharing is regarding SIDS. However, in the US pediatricians have been advised not to be biased regarding bed-sharing. Even though this advice has been given there are still biased views and totalizing language regarding this issue.
  2. Other risks that have been researched are the purported risks to bed-sharing with infants and the covering or obstruction of the airways, overlying, asphyxia, mechanical suffocation, strangulation, and nasal
    hemorrhage, and oronasal bleeding.




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Carli Fourie

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